xCore FlexBank

FlexBank offers a complete pack, full suite of modules and features for a fixed price. designed to meet all MIT requirements of the microfinance Bank.

xCore E-Alert

E-Alert is an independent application modules that runs separately from the bank's core banking application but connects to the database to enhance the banking operations for the MFI. Module included :

xCore M-Banking

M-Banker enables the MFI to carry out complete banking transactions at the customer's place of business. Under complete real-time monitoring by the supervisor back at the office. The following modules are included.

xCore E-Archive

XCORE E-Archive is an automated archiving system designed using modern programming language and technology to electronically capture, store and manage documents.

xCore Medicx

Xcore medicx Microlynxe has developed a next-generation MIS that is powerful, flexible and easy to use, designed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals thanks to our innovative XCORE technology. Modules include:

xCore Reporting

Xcore reporting Our XCORE Reporting Tool is an innovative reporting system designed to electronically prepare, generate and report on the MFI/bank’s operations and financial transactions. Module included :