About Us

Our Story

Microlynxe is a specialised software developing company focusing on building information systems for individuals and institutions, with an emphasis on the financial sector. Its main products are off-the-shelf yet highly customised solutions (branchless/mobile banking system, electronic alert system, electronic archiving, a reporting tool, etc.). Other products marketed by Microlynxe are hospital management system, switch solutions for the medical insurance industry and pension Fund administration system. We offer other specialised applications as per client specific needs. We are the perfect balance between high quality and affordability. With our international experience, high expertise and local market knowledge, we deliver local presence for excellent continuous customer support, allowing our clients to introduce significant efficiencies in their operations and enhance productivity. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the simple premise that operations should drive IT instead of the opposite. As a company at the forefront of the financial software industry and a champion of African solutions for African problems.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a household name in the provision of quality and affordable technology applications to the financial services industry in Africa. …a vision to unleash the power of African business… We seeks to provide innovative yet simple, reliable and affordable systems to all its clients using its expertise, professionalism and experience in software development combined with an excellent customer care experience. ...fully committed to quality and service..